Check out the Flamin’ Skulls flamin’ hot songs, written by our songwriter Hyper Star! Sing along to your favorite tunes, Poptropica-style, with these awesome lyrics. Click on the title of any song below to view.

Balloon Boy (Hit)

Betty Jetty

Cryptid Animal

Drawn This Way

Down for Maintenance (Hit)

Hyper Somebody

Music Freak

My Poptropicanz


The Bard/PoptroporteX (Rap)


Give us your feedback on each song by rating it (with the five stars at the bottom of a page), making a constructive comment, and give suggestions for new songs! Rock on!

  1. loudshark says:

    Heres my song: Haiti had a little bit of an earthquake, oh my god its an earthquake, it is an earthquake. They said you were never gone but I, took my chances and I fell for it, nananana everyday, like being struck by an earthquake, earthquake! This song doesn’t make sense, but it sort of rhymes, like mimes. Being struck by an earthquake ain’t so bad actually, when we peed, we had a low fee, of people looking like me!

    Tune of IYAZ’s Replay.

  2. Tough Lobster says:

    Here is my idea for a song:

    Out of Time

    Gotta meet my fans before I have to log out
    When I have to leave I’m gonna scream and shout
    Cuz if I miss them some of them won’t understand
    Just because I wasn’t on doesn’t mean you have to
    (Strum guitar 3x)
    Stand up and boo at us
    It wasn’t my fault
    I couldn’t go on
    No, I couldn’t go on
    I had some important practice
    Practicin’ sports
    I had some important business
    Washin’ my shorts
    I can’t believe my eyes
    there’s a crowd
    they look angry
    they’re blowin’ my mind
    and they’re going crazy
    I can’t pretend it was just all a dream
    that soon I’ll wake up and see the moon beam
    (Guitar & Harp solo)
    I’m sooorry
    So so so so
    so sooorry
    I just h-had to go
    I’m so oh sooorry
    (Echo but quieter every echo)
    The clock was tickin’
    I HAD TO GO!

    I hope you like it, it’s a bit strange, but still, I really hope you like it. Thanks for reading.

  3. Bendy Hero says:

    Awsome:):):):):):):) you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Invisible Club says:

    My song :
    It’s Molly Mo,she’s just ‘ a fat lil ‘ o I wanna go Mo mo, I wanna go mo mo a hey, I wanna go, mo MO. Super mo, mo, mo! We’re gonna rock this thang…
    Mo mo mo YEAH!
    Chiropracter, I’m fatter, and I wanna be a baby that’s cat. We’re gonna rock it now!!!
    (Drumbeat starts) Super Mo, mo, mo! I wanna go mo mo. Chiropracter, awoowa, yeah oh yeah, a awoowa, oh yeah! Awooowa owa wo! We’re gonna rock the wo -orld!
    The end.

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