SuperGrape, Hijuyo, and Popular Thunder soundchecking.

Popular Thunder is sleepy before a performance at the Jazz Cafe.

As the band’s DJ, KittyCatCoolWing coolly plays some tunes from her iPod for everyone to rock along with.

Hijuyo performing at the Spy Island Hair Club, teeth gritting as the harp’s melody rings out all over the room!

  1. NekoTsukiGodia says:

    OwO I forgot I was put back on here xD ^-^;;

  2. messy pear says:


  3. everybody knows everybodys knows where were going yeah were going to RTV

  4. […] picture will also be added in the pics section! […]

  5. Happy Fang says:

    interesting… >:D

  6. Thirsty Dragon says:

    love the idea of a poptropica band. I would like to make something like this with my friends!

  7. Bendy Hero says:

    you guys are awsome!!!!!!! I wish I was in your band Awsome!!!!!;) 🙂

  8. weirdman2 says:

    make a pic of the whole band!

  9. Angry Wing says:

    Visit these guys, Flamin’ Skulls.

  10. Calm Penguin says:

    LOL! HAHAHA! Slanted Fish is the harpist? LOL!

  11. Magic Star says:

    Lol, that’s a funny picture of Slanted Fish/Hijuyo playing the harp.

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