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A new band is rising. Twined together by the internet, The Intertwined – a band formed by Flamin’ Skulls harpist Hijuyo – invites you to go check out cool new songs written by a new team (of people you may be familiar with!) who, unlike other bands in this world, collaborate purely from the interwebs.




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[UPDATE!] The band’s leader, Popular Thunder, is thinking of reuniting the Flamin’ Skulls again, which means we may be a little more active in the future! We’re also thinking of hiring one more band member – so just stay tuned! 😀

Due to the band crew’s busy lives, the Flamin’ Skulls will remain inactive until further notice. We apologize for any disappointment. However, this site will remain open to all fans, so you can still enjoy our songs, pictures, and other Skulls stuff!


Until we meet again,
The Flamin’ Skulls


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You’re probably bored that we haven’t had a new post in a while, so here’s some music for you to enjoy.

Aren’t you glad your browser window isn’t jumping around this time? 😉

Introducing and new song and new band member!

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…….*SuperGrape’s guitar solo*
Can you come…. Write with meeeeeeeeee
You know I’m obsessed with youoooooooo!
Please.. Write… I need yoouuuuuuuuo!!!!
We can write in the day in the morning.. in the day and in the nigh
I like corn n’ pie!!
HIJUYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HO! HO!!
HIJUYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HO! HO!!
HIJUYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HO! HO!!
Oh... HijuYO..
*Hijuyo and Popular Thunder write a story*
Ladies and Genteelman.. PEAS WELCOME! THE NEWEST MEMBA OF TEH FLAMIN SKULLS, Monkay Tacoz!!1

All though Popular Thunder dropped his mic, MT and PT's soundcheck was perfect!

Hey baby, baby please.
don’t be leavin’ me.. xD
Just kidding you can go..
“Can I stay?” No, no, no!
I don’t really like you much nowwwww, now, now!
*Xarr’s bass solo*
Because you smell like dead stuff
I think I’ve had enough
of you pretty much. I’m sure..
Just walk outta the door…
Now, now, now!!
Why didn’t you leave yet?
“I’m not gonna take a bath..” I bet..
Just go and leave..
I call that one.. “Leave, please!” 😀
PT-Welcome to the Flamin Skulls
MT-Gracias, senior. 😉

Hello dere

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I am Super Grape, a Rhythm Guitarist for The Flamin’ Skulls!  I also write a few songs 😉 I’m a 13 year old boy from the USA… And I think that’s all you need to know.

Here’s a soundcheck Hijuyo, Popular Thunder, and I did.  =D

Hijuyo, Popular Thunder, and I soundchecking. =D

This picture will also be added in the pics section! =D

Also I made two songs.. One called I want a wife, the other called I’m on a Bus

Ok, Bye. =D

Memorial Day Performance

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In honor of Memorial Day, the Flamin’ Skulls rocked out in many eager Poptropican players’ Multiverse rooms! From mythological creatures to bizarre monsters, people from all over came to gather and make music!

While this was a fun event for all who were able to hang out around the Poptropica Help Chatroom and talk to some of the Skulls band members online (Hijuyo, Popular Thunder, Cool Wing, Xarr, DB), remember this is the day to commemorate all U.S. soldiers while serving the military. And of course it’s no school days like these that we could all meet together! 🙂

Below are snapshots of the major event:


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We, the Flamin’ Skulls are kicking off our tour. The tour will start of in the old fashioned Soda Pop Shop! This post will be updated with more information on the tour. Brace yourselves!