Gear is important! Fans and players of the Flamin’ Skulls Band don’t look complete without at least some of this cool stuff on. Don’t worry, these are fairly easy to obtain on Poptropica:

  • Flying skull from the “Follower: Spooky Pack”
  • Musical instruments! (guitar, harp, microphone, ukelele, reed pipe, etc)
  • Torch effect item
  • Flamin’ Skull top (from the Biker costume)
  • Black shirt with plain skull
  • Black shirt with gray winged skull and white collar (goth boy from Reality TV Island)

Check out Super Carrot, he has the gear. 😀

Flamin' Skulls harpist Hijuyo plays it hardcore with a flamin' skull biker top!

What are YOU wearing to support the Skulls? 😀

  1. […] don’t forget your flaming skull biker top and some other important gear to show your […]

  2. messy pear says:

    thx!!! i’m soooooooo getting it all! i’m ur #1 fan!!!

  3. Tough Lobster says:

    Check out this link to see what I wear to support you guys! I’m ur biggest fan! I would love to have a job working for you. But I probably won’t get one

  4. i love you you are the best i got it all

  5. Zany Shadow says:

    SO getin’ the gear!!

  6. […] You can often find us hanging out with other members of the band at our Poptropica Help Chatroom. In fact, if you invite us into a Poptropica Multiverse room, we’ll give you and your friends an amazing flamin’ concert to remember! (Even better, join us in song by putting on some cool Flamin’ Skulls gear!) […]

  7. Zany Shadow says:

    WHATEVER Messy Pear!! I’M their #1 fan!

  8. Zany Shadow says:

    Awesome character Tough Lobster!

  9. Tough Lobster says:

    That outfit ROCKS!

  10. strange crumb says:

    OMZ That is SO cool!! You look SO handsome!!

  11. hapykidi1 says:

    omg! U AWESOME! *FAN GIRL SCREAM* i gotta get get gotta get get MY GEAR FOR FALMIN SKULLZ!!!!!

  12. Super Bear says:

    Hey, awesome! This is my current avatar, to which I will do some tweaking by buying the Torch effect and the Followers: Spooky Pack. I also have the rockstar guitars, both the first and the second, but I rarely use them with this outfit. The only thing I like to change every now and then is the hair, by switching it to Hades’ crown. Also sometimes use electrify with my avatar. Haha, enough chat, here’s the link:

    • Super Bear says:

      And I forgot to mention, the gum that my avatar is chewing is the Cinnamon Fire one. And no, I don’t have membership.

  13. Thirsty Wolf says:

    i have a fire cape.
    and heres what i look like, go to this link (what ill mainly look like in the band):

  14. Thirsty Wolf says:

    but i might look abit different sometimes

  15. strange crumb says:

    Hey, Tough Lobster, I scrolled over the Avatar Studio link you put up there, but you look SO different!! Isn’t that the Membership Pirate?!!

  16. Tough Lobster says:

    If you click my avatar it’s my Flamin’ Skulls outfit.

  17. shabely says:

    I have the gray striped skull shirt w/ jeans.

  18. dgpops says:

    ok help i have the reed pipe from mythology but i cant hold it please heelp

  19. Bendy Hero says:

    I’m a fan but can I be in your band Pleassssssssse!!!! I have a mico, guitar,and rock star clothes so can I

  20. Bendy Hero says:

    I forgot I have a harp i would love to be in your band I’m your #1 fan so what do you say

  21. weirdman2 says:

    i have some suggestions for gear.for the girls,the Gothic cheerleader costume has a skull on its top and skull earings (that comes with the hair) so i thought that would be gear.also hade’s crown has skulls on it,so that could be an the end of the haunted house island,it has a skeleton that you can customize, and also a reaper with a SKULL belt.

    here’s an image with all my suggestions 😉

  22. dgpops says:

    ANY HELP? i need the reed pipe to hold i cant hold the pipe

  23. dgpops says:

    thanks angry wing
    btw i am the lead singer of dg pops

  24. weirdman2 says:

    I bet hades is a big fan of your band 😀

  25. noisy_heart_____{henry}~{[]} says:

    i like your “popcorn” song. it kewl cuz i like songs like that!!

  26. Tania says:

    I have the plain skull shirt! that ccounts, rite?

    Hijuyo: Yup! 🙂

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