Hey, this is where you can learn more about the 7-member band rocking out on Poptropica. Go Flamin’ Skulls!

Popular Thunder: This young kid from Spy Island is the lead singer of the Flamin’ Skulls. He may only be 13, but he’s got a mustache. Off-stage, PT is a philanthropist.

Hijuyo: I’m a kid artist, gamer, and writer from Poptropica. I play the harp and reed pipe for the Flamin’ Skulls, and I’m also the founder of the band Intertwined! Look up my Poptropican on the Avatar Studio as hi.Juyo.

Cool Wing: I’m the band’s DJ, and I play songs from my iPod.


Graham: I’m the movie creator and Poptropica updater of the band. I’ll create some movies when the band all meets up, and I’ll post new updates on Poptropica.

~Rock on, Flamin’ Skulls!~

  1. Hijuyo says:

    Hai Skulls! 😀

  2. […] a cool Poptropica rock band! We (Hijuyo) are the harpist/s of the 8-member group, and if you find any of the band crew hanging out at our Poptropica Help Chatroom, invite them to your Multiverse party for a […]

  3. Tough Lobster says:

    Do you need a band manager?

    Hijuyo: Popular Thunder is the band’s manager.

  4. Tough Lobster says:

    Oh ok! Thanks for clearing that up Hijuyo!

  5. Neat Tornado says:

    Do you need a special Effects guy?

  6. strange crumb says:

    OOOOHHH that’d be cool! 😀 Hey Xarr, I’m a hobo too!!!!!!! An 24 carrot is my FAVORITE PLACE on Poptropica! :* YAAAAAAY!!!!!!!

  7. Zany Shadow says:

    Sorry about the whole DJ thing, Cool Wing! Didnt know.:( Here, have a hot-dog!

  8. Zany Shadow says:

    When is your next tour going to be?

    Hijuyo: Stay tuned on our blog for all Flamin’ Skulls news! 😀

  9. Tough Lobster says:

    Ooooh a news page! Can’t wait for that to come out!

  10. MagicShadow says:

    Hijuyo: Cool band, but Flamin’ Skulls rawk moar. 😀

  11. Hey,Flamin’ Skulls! Can I join? <– my avatar(WITH FIRE EFFECT!) Can I be a guitarist?

  12. Hi, it’s happy horse, can I be a dancer? Look for me in the soda pop shop, with a flamin’ skulls look.

  13. johnny says:

    xarr wut instrmint do ye play?

  14. johnny says:


  15. jra122898 says:

    can i join h my avatar is a guartist and who has torch and a skull follower

  16. ComicalCrown says:

    :/ i wish i could make a dance crew D: except there isn’t much dancing action on poptropica *sigh* wish there was some awesome dances well anyways u guys rok ;]

  17. Bendy Hero says:

    can I join the I got the popstar costume,rockstar 1 and 2 a harp (from the angel costume) any way you need more girls in your band Pleassssssssssssse!!!!!!!!!! And a reed pipe

  18. Bendy Hero says:

    Look for me at hair club my name is Bendy Hero

  19. weirdman2 says:


  20. Happy Spider says:

    I want to join soooooooooo bad

  21. A very merry red spider says:

    I have a job I could do I could find a multiverse for y’all to play gigs at

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