Looking for 3 new members!

Posted: April 18, 2011 by Popular Thunder in Uncategorized

Hello, It’s me the lead singer, Popular Thunder. I know I’ve missed tons of action and I apologize for that. I’m here to announce my return to The Flamin’ Skulls. I haven’t been able to be on for the last 6 months, due to a broken computer.

Anyways since all the old members left and all. (due to inactivity) I’m looking for three new members. I hope Hijuyo and help me with this. 😀  We need a…


1 Guitarists- Elmo PWNS is the other one.


Songwriter (you can pick one more if you’re a songwriter)

Thank you! And I hope people still remember this site.

  1. Angry Wing says:

    I’d be happy to be whatever. Maybe a drummer…

  2. Hijuyo says:

    Sounds exciting, the Flamin’ Skulls can get an almost-fresh start with new band members! I hope people apply. 🙂

    • strangecrumb says:

      (Plus I post on the PHB)
      P.S. My usernames are…
      yumturkey, creep92, LLquibbler, potter_freak, and quibbler_fan.

  3. I could be a guitarist! 😀

  4. Xarr says:

    Excuse me, but am I allowed to reprise my roll as bassist 😀

    • Popular Thunder says:

      Yes, you are right. 😀

    • strangecrumb says:

      Oh, I don’t have my own email, sorry. 😦

      But I love you Xarr! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Pick me! Pick meee!

      (Also, I made a few posts like last year as Strange Crumb when I had no account on wordpress.)

  5. stupidninjas says:

    I would like to be a drummer.

  6. Neat Tornado says:

    I would love to be a Drummer! Thanks!

  7. Happy Horse aka Lady Horse aka Director Horse aka Singin Girl aka coolgirlcute aka lipglossleah aka Tangled Fan!!!!!! XD says:

    I’d be happy to play guitar! Actually, I’ll play any instrument, yet I’m not the best at songwriting. :/ Yet yeah, any instrument.

  8. Graham says:

    Hey, Popular Thunder. Remember me from the Poptropica Cool Stuff? Anyway, do you really need to play these instruments to enter? Maybe I could be a songwriter, please. So, if you need anything else, e-mail me! Thanks! -Graham 🙂

    • Graham says:

      I have music making software, I can give you some sample songs.

      • Graham says:

        One more thing: I already started on a poptropica song. If I get a singer and use that music software, then if I got some footage of the band I could create our own music video and post it on Youtube! If you want to see some of my videos, check out Productionpoptropica on youtube. Thanks!

    • Popular Thunder says:

      I want to add you Graham, but your email won’t work when I try to add you.

  9. Tania Jaramillo says:

    I can be a guitarist if you want xD

  10. bob says:

    i am da masta at the drums

  11. Grumpy Icicle says:

    I could play rhythm guitar. Look me up on Avatar studio. http://www.poptropica.com/avatarstudio/avatar.html?a=bdEh3UVlBZUdGc1pYWnZhV1E9

  12. CyberTron:D says:

    DRUMMER! 😀 I liked to be more of a percussionist, but I”d plain LOVE to be drummer for you guys! THANKS!

  13. elmopwns says:

    Hello, I am interested in the drummer part. Thanks for considering this offer! I would love being a drummer! I play 2 instruments in real life and I listen to a lot of music. I also have experience in Music Theory Grade 5 (don’t know wut i mean…search it up!) so I have a lot of music experience like keeping the beat, keeping the tempo, how to play, what time to play and such. Thanks much…ep out.

  14. Mighty Ice says:

    Hi I play guitar in real life n I am a 11 year old girl.
    My name is Mighty Ice on poptropica here is me on the avtar studio my fav color is green so yeah….. http://www.poptropica.com/avatarstudio/avatar.html?a=bWkwxTmFaYzJGdU5UQT0%3D

  15. Alpha says:

    I used to have a dream of working with PT, but I’ve been inactive with Intertwined and NS. Maybe I could be a drummer.

  16. elmopwns says:

    Are any of you deciding anytime soon? Also, i have all the right equipment since im a member. Thanks for this offer!

  17. scootdaloop188 says:

    I WANNA BE A GUITARIST!!! But I forgot my password. That sucks. I’ll just make a new one. PLEASE!! GIVE ME A CHANCE!!!! *sob*

  18. scootdaloop188 says:

    And now I’ve made it already, can I be one?

  19. scootdaloop188 says:

    Oh, and I didn’t notice. SONGWRITER!!! MEEP!!! SONGWRITER!!! PLEASE!!! I WANNA!!! Poptropica name: DewyME988. New user. PLEASE!!! I ditch guitarist. SONGWRITER!!!

  20. elmopwns says:

    THANKS SO MUCh for letting me be a guitarist. Are we preforming anytime soon?

  21. Camaclue says:

    I would like to be a songwriter. I like many styles of songs, so I’d be pretty good. But I might not be on sometimes, so It would be part-time.

  22. Blue Onion says:

    Can I be the other guitarist? I’m a HUGE fan. Here’s my avatar: http://www.poptropica.com/avatarstudio/avatar.html?a=banRJcUVwWlhKcFkyNWk%3D

  23. What do you need to do/have to be able to be a Flamin’ Skulls member?

  24. strangecrumb says:

    don’t forget about meee, biiiiiig fan here, :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  25. Musical Gal. says:

    I’m a budding songwriter!

  26. Giant Rock says:

    Hey can I be the drummer? In real life I’m actually in a school rock band called “Millenium” (Don’t know if that’s spelt correct), but anyway can I be the drummer? I’ver been playing drums in real life for like 3 years.

  27. cool bite says:

    How about I will play the violin?

    Slanted Fish: Sure! 😛

  28. Hey, can I be the drummer? Or the bassist?

    slantedfish: The band is currently inactive. 😛

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