Posted: May 19, 2010 by Popular Thunder in Concert

We, the Flamin’ Skulls are kicking off our tour. The tour will start of in the old fashioned Soda Pop Shop! This post will be updated with more information on the tour. Brace yourselves!

  1. Moody Skull says:

    OMG!I wish I could go on tour and BTW LOL post from the future!

  2. loudshark says:

    im in, as fierce dragon

  3. Zany Shadow says:


  4. Popular Thunder says:

    Sorry, but Members only get to perform…

  5. lolkutiepie says:

    Yay =) Can’t wait!

  6. Moody Skull says:

    OMG I’m a member Yay!

  7. Moody Skull says:

    wait I just reread it Darn!

  8. Artemis says:

    when is your first porformance?

  9. awesomecandy says:

    yay a tour 🙂 r guys gunna make a schedule or something?

  10. Beefy Popper says:

    A schedule would be nice. I wanna be there for the 1st performance!

  11. Lucky Jumper says:

    A tour would cool for you guys.;)

  12. I also have the follower,the skull.

  13. crazy thunder says:

    Can II be in the band (as a conductor) I have a conductor’s baton! (wizard’s of Waverly place ad wand)

  14. Tough Lobster says:

    Cool! I hope to see you guys on tour! During Island Tour, are you going to stop at Multiverses once and a while? You know to relax from a long day of concerts and touring.

  15. Happy Glove says:

    Hey this is really cool Maybe I could join I am a member I have finished all the islands(but skullduggery that is very hard) and I love poptropicia to death but it has just gottten a little boring for me and I need somthing other than just multiplayer rooms with random players to do . Thanks!-HAPPY GLOVE

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