Everybody ok with the new header?

Posted: May 3, 2010 by Cool Wing in Header :D
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You like? I made it on gimp. ^-^

CW out.

  1. Moody Skull says:

    the new header is AWESOME!

  2. Zany Shadow says:


  3. NekoTsukiGodia says:

    ^-^ Thanks both of you!

  4. crazy thunder says:

    totally awesome! Can I be in the band? I have a totally awesome- no wait, beyond awesome- idea of what I could be, but I shall only reveal it if I have a chance.

  5. Super Bear says:

    It’s great! I was just wondering, don’t you guys have an album of your songs or anything?

  6. NekoTsukiGodia says:

    @Crazy Thunder: Gotta ask PT. 😉

    @Super Bear: We should be getting one sooner or latah!

    @Hijuyo: Thankiez! ^-^

  7. loudshark says:

    its cool

  8. Tough Lobster says:

    Awesome header! It looks great!

  9. lolkutiepie says:

    I love it =3

  10. NekoTsukiGodia says:

    Thankiez all of youz!!! ^-^

  11. lucky ele says:

    Love it! i wish i could join ur band! i’ve got beats in my head anytime, anywhere!

  12. Moody Skull says:

    hey guys if you guys need an extra guitarist or singer I’m the guy to call. 😉

  13. Super Bear says:

    @NekoTsukiGodia: Oh, okay. Can’t wait! ^^

  14. Messy Tornado says:

    I think you need a more Poptropica themed header.

  15. Dude, you are awesome at Gimp, I have no idea how to work it.

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