I am liek here noa you guys.

Posted: April 28, 2010 by Cool Wing in Crew members

Cw here peeps! (I go by weird Japanese names on WordPress xD)

I’m the halper of HS for the song writing, annnnnnnd the band’s DJ!! ^-^

  1. Moody Skull says:

    Hey the bands name is flamin’ skulls LOL I’m moody skull so I should know a little something about flammin’ skulls!

  2. Hijuyo says:

    YAY! Hai CW! 😀

  3. Hyper Star says:

    Yay CW! Heeeeeeey! 😀

  4. NekoTsukiGodia says:

    Herro all. T-T Im in a bad mood dis week. Got mah ipods taken away. T-T

  5. Shy Crown says:

    Hi! I love speaking Japanese, even though I am the only one in my town that can speak it somewhat fluent (my town is tiny)! I was wondering how you got in the band and if you have to be a member to be in it?

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