Looking for another band member

Posted: April 24, 2010 by Popular Thunder in Crew members

Yes… We do need a rhythm guitarist harpist. Without one we’ll have to cancel our tour from Early Poptropica to Spy Island. We need a another band member and you can be one! Sign up by commenting.

Hijuyo has filled that spot!

  1. Hijuyo says:

    Thanks, Popular Thunder! 😉

  2. cool belly says:

    Can just anybody(like me) be a part of the band?

  3. I’d LOVE to at least be a BACKUP singer. I have a microphone and everything! Sorry if it sounds like I’m begging. :starts singing almost there:

  4. Popular Thunder says:

    Sorry, we already have enough band memebers.

  5. messy pear says:

    cool band:) are you coming out with any new songs any time soon? you should do a music video!!!

  6. dabnjab22 says:

    i love your band!!!! ;D and you know every one votes for the flamin` skulls! notb the chipmunks;D

  7. Tough Lobster says:

    Do you need anyone for backstage? Or someone to make videos for you? I could change the version of rhythm you use and use your lyrics instead of the original. I’m not begging. Or saying you need me. I am just a HUGE fan!

    Hijuyo: All the band members hang out backstage when they’re about to perform. 😛

  8. Coskit says:

    Can I join your band? I can be a singer. I’m a great singer/dancer. By dancing, I mean hip hop, MJ style dancing. BTW, I can pull out a mean moonwalk. 😀

  9. Tough Lobster says:

    I am making a Flamin’ Skulls Fan Site! I’m ur BIGGEST fan, the #1 fan! I could probably make help you out buy making your songs a video. With the intruments, lyrics, everything! I would post them on another web site I am making. It’s not done yet.
    ~ Flame on Skulls!
    Tough Lobster

  10. cool belly says:

    You should do one about Ned Noodle Head aka Hotdog boy to the tune of Spiderman!

    • Tough Lobster says:

      Nice idea! I was think of Spectacular Spider Man with Hotdog Boy. Hear is my idea of the song.

      Spectacular Hotdog Boy

      Livin’ on the edge
      fighting crime with
      comic books
      flyin’ from the highest ledge
      he can fly above our head’s
      ah ah ah ah aaaah
      ah ah ah ah ah aaaah
      villians out of jail
      and the city’s victimized
      looking up with no surprise
      arriving in the nic of time
      ah ah ah ah aaaah
      ah ah ah ah ah aaaah
      spectacular spectacular hotdog boy
      spectacular spectacular hotdog boy
      spectacular spectacular hotdog boy
      spectacular spectacular hotdog boy

      Hope you like it! 😀

  11. Shy Crown says:

    Hey guys! I was wondering if you needed any singers or anything? I love to make music! I can play drums, xylophone, marimba, recorder, piano, and even the ukulele! I love writng songs and even have a couple funny ones!

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