A Rap!

Posted: January 10, 2010 by Popular Thunder in Music

Written by HS. Performed by The Flamin’ Skulls.
The Bard/PoptroporteX

HS: We were PWNed by an evil mastermind
PT:We were in the target zone
HS:We didn’t know we were being watched
PT: When Motion made his code

PT: But the Bard struck (guitar, bass, and drumming playing starts)
HS:His target was us
HS:We couldn’t believe our eyes!
HS :graffitied the wall
PT:He forbid it all
PT:Said “I amn’t makin’ it THAT easy!”

DB: So Motion tried again
HS:We used it in the end
Stan : We got out of the creators trap
Xarr: We got the ads, I made this rap
(Long bass solo by Xarr)

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  1. Zany Shadow says:

    Hey! Its me again, Zany Shadow!! Sorry about the whole DJ thing, PT!! See ya later!!=]

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